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Need A Job? Live In The Reno, NV Area?
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Cars, Karting, Coffee at Victory Lane Indoor Charlotte, NC
Facility NewsVictory Lane Indoor Karting hold Cars, Karting and Coffee starting in April, for details CLICK HEADLINE
World Formula Indoor Karting Championship
Racing NewsCheckered Flag Indoor Karting

NHKA Racing Series racers, the final World Formula Indoor Karting Championship race is Sunday March 30th from 8:30a-11:30a. Don't miss out on all the fun we've been having. With a two hour time trial and the Cat & Mouse round, most racers get over 200 laps of racing! Come join the fun and shake down your kart for the 2014 season.

For more information on Checkered Flag Indoor Karting visit
Want to Know Why Go Kart Racing Is So Great?
Racing NewsBackground

Go karts are simply a smaller version of the professional racing cars, such as those used in Formula One and Indy Car Racing. They race on similar but smaller tracks. They were first created in California in 1950s by Art Ingels.

Go Kart Experience

Go kart fans may easily get captivated by professional racing. After experiencing that kind of excitement, it can be hard to let go. You always want to go back for more. It gives both the drivers and the fans adrenaline rushes. And the best part is indoor go kart racing tracks allow you to race year round.


You do not need to be a professional to try go kart racing. Anyone can do it. And if you get good enough, you may even be able to turn pro. Tony Stewart, Kyle Petty and Darell Waltrip are some of the top track racing drivers who got their start on go karts.

Affordable and Safe

Go kart racing is inexpensive, and the electric go karts make them even safer, so moms don’t need to worry about their young ones getting hurt. An amateur driver can first use the closed chassis karts then advance to the open air ones. This will give them time to familiarize with the racing track while improving their driving skills.

With the many levels on hand, racers can move up tiers until they get to the professional level. This allows many people to engage in track racing but in a smaller way. Families, couples and even friends can always try it out.
VLK Indoor Karting Charlotte, NC Opens New Pit Road Bar & Grill
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UFC fighters Meisha Tate and Bryan Caraway Visit Fast Lap Las Vegas
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Octane Raceway Scottsdale,AZ 2014 Winter League Final
Racing NewsTwenty Eight out of a possible 36 racers braved the early morn of Sunday March 9th to compete in the 8 race Winter league series Final put together by Octane Raceway’s James Gibbins who was the Competition/Race Director understudy at the former F1 Race Factory/Octane Raceway when the gas powered karts were still in play. The present and future of Indoor karting now stands at the threshold of being solely powered by battery and I must admit I do not miss the fumes given off by the fossil fueled karts. Low end torque has become the great equalizer but raw talent and skill still brings the best to the front of the pack.

Not much has changed even though there were some new faces able to step onto the elusive 3 step podium stand throughout the season. Ariel Rubio and Jessie Nino got to visit the podium and yours truly made a 2nd place appearance the first week and got to stand on nosebleed step numero uno for race #7. Of course the regular owners of that real estate, Chaz Baca Jr, Kyler Repella and Jason Burstein took possession on any given week more often than not. With 8 total races and 2 drops allowed, (not the Final) the points battle was far from settled. Sure, Chaz owned the most points but Kyler was only 3 points off the mark and Steve Lattanzi was only 10 points off Kyler and 13 points off the coveted sure road to fame and fortune. Lattanzi could not relax too much as he had Ariel Rubio sitting 15 points off the 3rd step and Jessie Nino only 19 points away from stealing the 3rd and final step. Jason Burstein was a long shot at 21 points off 3rd but never count him out till the fat lady sings. Jason had a plan, he misses two races, scores zero’s and gets to drop no points. Great plan until he incurred the dreaded Black Flag, during a qualifier in a previous race date, for blocking the King of Speed, Chaz Baca Jr and fell deeper into the points battle abyss. If it wasn’t for the black flag thrown Jason’s way during a qualifier???? for blocking Chaz he would have been a much bigger threat to one of the top 3 spots overall. Of course Jason saw the incident(s) from another perspective but was overruled and the penalty stood. We witnessed another Jason incident but denial has become his mantra. Hmmm, maybe he could run for office and become a career politician. He would fit right in.

Back to the Final action. Chaz B Jr takes his heats, Kyler R takes his even though during one of the heat qualifiers he complained of his kart losing power but still managed to put it on pole with a fast time in 4 laps. Steve L takes 2nd in both his qualifiers and is chasing Jason B and has Charlie Ohnstad glued to his rear bumper for both 10 lap Heats. Thank You Charlie for not taking any unnecessary risks to move up one spot. If it wasn’t the Finals I would have let you have the spot…yeah right. The Mains are set and the “A” Main has most of the heavy hitters. Baca on pole, Burstein,Repella,Lattanzi, Jessie Nino,Don Angel,Charlie Ohnstad and Travis Parry. The pressure is off Lattanzi as he now has wrapped up 3rd overall and can finish no lower than 8th place inn the Main. Chaz & Kyler can still trade places but Chaz does what Chaz does and stays out front to become the 2014 Winter League Champion for the 11th consecutive time. Kyler once again takes his rightful place in 2nd and Steve Lattanzi is thrilled to be back on the podium even though the age disparity is huge.

Trophy’s awarded, gift cards handed out, pictures taken, handshakes exchanged and promises of next time are heard from all that will return to the best electric kart indoor competition in AZ. See you all when the 2014 Spring League returns to Octane Raceway.

Keep The Rubberside Down,
and The Sunnyside Up!

Steve "Kandyman" Lattanzi
The Subtle Differences in Go Kart Racing Make All the Difference
Racing NewsDifferences between Electric and Gas Powered Gokarts

When it comes to go kart racing, you really only have two options for the actual karts; electric or gas powered. Gas powered karts can boast higher speeds if properly tuned while fans of these cars also swear by their handling compared to electric, but in reality that also comes down to the upkeep and use of properly equipped karts. Electric powered karts are best known for their faster acceleration, more environmentally friendly power and a lack of exhaust allowing them to be driven on indoor tracks without causing drivers and spectators to grow nauseous from fumes.

Differences between Tracks

A major topic of discussion whenever NASCAR and Formula1 fans get together, different tracks mean very different things when it comes to racing. In our opinion, there’s really only 3 different kind of tracks for auto and go kart racing; a straight line drag race style, the oval and the road course. Each have their own unique attributes and style of racing necessary to succeed on them and each have very loyal fan-bases backing them.

Straight line

Known best for drag racing and The Fast and Furious, the straight line track is meant to showcase pure acceleration and speed in a car while neglecting the handling and overall turning abilities of the car. Fans of these types of tracks will tell you that it requires the drivers reactions at the start of the race to be incredibly fast and their shifting to be smooth and perfectly timed.


Almost every weekend you can turn on your television to find tens of thousands of fans crowded around an oval track to watch cars continuously make left turns, so it’s safe to say that there are a few fans of NASCAR’s oval track. While it may seem like these drivers are just keeping their steering wheels turned slightly to the left, there’s actually quite a lot more to it if you want to make a successful lap around one of these tracks. High speeds and bald racing tires lead to very little grip for drivers, forcing them to constantly be making minor corrections and maneuvers to not only gain positioning but also to avoid collisions on the track. Combine that with the constant decisions on when to pull into the pit for refueling and fresh tires during the hundred+ lap races and you have a very technical race on your hand.

Road Course

Made famous by Formula1 and utilized in most racing venues, the road course takes a long track and condenses it by mixing in tight turns with straight-aways. Cars need not only great acceleration but also strong handling and better gripping tires to be successful on these tracks while drivers must be able to hit the apex of turns perfectly and understand when to brake and accelerate at the right time in order to walk away with the best lap times.

Differences between Surfaces

No matter if you’re a World Rally Cross fan talking to a Formula1 fanatic or you’re just a big time racing enthusiast arguing over asphalt versus slick tracks, the surface definitely makes a difference when you’re racing.


The most commonly used surface for any type of racing, asphalt provides better grip for the wheels leading to tighter turns, faster races and more precise maneuvers during the race. NASCAR, Formula1 and most outdoor go kart racing tracks utilize this surface.

Slick Track

This style of track is most often used for indoor tracks and requires much more attention be given to tight turns as the wheels have much less to grip, leading to the act of drifting or just plain spinning out. Starting from a dead stop leads to less than stellar speeds initially while warm tires and continuous acceleration provide better speeds and times, again due to the lack of grip.


World Rally Cross is best known for its off-road tracks made up of mostly dirt and gravel with the occasional puddle thrown in the mix. These tracks provide little traction for regular tires, are ever changing and require the attention and improvisation of the driver. No lap is truly the same and the right and speed coming into a turn is much more important than hitting the apex.

As you can see, there are many variations of car styles, track styles and even their surface. Each has their own specific fan-base that believes it’s the best way to race while each also has its skeptics pointing out their faults
Driven Raceway Rohnert Park, CA Moves Race Night
Racing NewsHold the Date for RACE NIGHT! Wednesday March 26th starting at 7 PM.. That's right, we moved it to Wednesday and made it later in the evening for those of you that work a bit later...

3 Race Event - Two 17 lap qualifiers and One 20 lap final.

Prizes to the top racers.. Come check it out $45 if you pre-pay or $55 the night of racing.

For more details visit
Joe's Karting Council Bluffs, IA Announces Car Show
Facility News
The Holiday Horsepower Drive Car Show is proud to announce a FREE car show April 6th 2014 from 12PM-4PM.

Once your vehicle is on display you MUST put something that will collect money in your assigned spot such as a bucket. If someone “likes” your display nicely ask them to “donate” to your bucket. The person with the most $$$ raised in each class will be “Peoples Choice Award” All money raised will go towards the Holiday Horsepower Drive. There WILL be a “Peoples Choice Award” for each class and one “Peoples Choice Award” for OVERALL.

- April 6th 12-4pm’ish
- No entry fee
- No admission fee
- Pit gates open at 9AM SHARP
- Pit meeting at 1130AM SHARP
- Vehicles would be show by classes.
- Vehicles shown will be displayed in their respective group (s)
- In an event of a rain out there will be NO makeup/rain date.
- Entrants must have something that would allow people to donate money in.
- All money(s) received in a catch can of some sorts will be donated to the Holiday Horsepower Drive in that contestants name.

- Classes are:
1. Buddy Ray Jones - IMCA/NASCAR 2009 DW-11 Sportmod
2. Buddy Ray Jones - IMCA/NASCAR 2011 Prowler Sportmod
3. Nate Hernandez - dirt flat kart
4. Josh Blumer - IMCA Skyrocket Sportmod
5. Eric Mcmillian - IMCA Bms Mid America Modifieds.
6. Jeremie Densberger - Sprint ?
7. Jason Kohl - 2014 Penatrator IMCA Hobbystock

1. Dan Kenkel - 1999 Peterbuilt


1. Kenny Randolph - 1985 Mustang
2. Kurt Bonner - 1956 Nomad
3. Randy Poldberg - 1975 Vega Pro
4. Jimmy Briggs - 2005 Mazda 3

1. Jordan MudDigger Hamilton - 1991 Dodge Dakota
2. Thomas Anderson - 2007 Ford F150
3. Seth Buchholz - 1997 2500 chevy
4. Drew Porter - 2004 Chevy Silverado SS and
5. Steven Porter 2013 Ram R/T

1. Tim Pritchett Jr. - 1957 REO rat rod pickup
2. Hatch Rat Rod


1. Jimmy Briggs - 1987 GMC S-15

Ugly duckling vehicles MUST be driven in not pulled, pushed or brought in on a trailer. Must email a picture of vehicle to Pic must be submitted by 12pm March 31st.

At 330PM a show volunteer will come around and count how much money is in each bucket. The person with the most $$$ raised in each bucket in each class will be “Peoples Choice Award” All money raised will go towards the Holiday Horsepower Drive.

There WILL be a “Peoples Choice Award” for each class and one “Peoples Choice Award” for OVERALL.

Party Pals will now be on hand to do face painting and will also have inflatable R/C Cars.

Any question comments or concerns please email Buddy Ray at or call Buddy Ray at 402-517-8144
Customer Feels Like Indoor Karting Saved His Life
Racing NewsPlease check out this YouTube video of a Pole Position customer who feels like indoor karting saved his life.
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