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Customer Feels Like Indoor Karting Saved His Life
Racing NewsPlease check out this YouTube video of a Pole Position customer who feels like indoor karting saved his life.
Speed Secret: Know Your Tires
Racing NewsSpeed Secret: Tire temperature. Many race cars at the highest forms of motorsport will swerve back and forth on caution or formation laps, sometimes violently, in an effort to put heat into the tires. This is because tire temperature has a huge effect on a car’s grip. But is it a factor in karting as well? Absolutely! In an hour-long endurance race on our Mega Track, it is very common to see lap times fall by as much as a second or more.

When racing for position, it’s important to get the most out of your kart on every single lap. Developing a sense for the amount of grip you have at any given point in the race will allow you to be on the edge all the way to the finish. The best way to develop this skill? Seat time. But if you’re just getting started, you can use the first lap or two of qualifying to drive a bit beyond where you think the limits of the kart are. Taking the approach of “throw away” laps will allow you to concentrate on driving up to the limits you’ve found without having to waste time working up to them bit by bit. If you have a break in between qualifying and the race, use the formation lap to get a sense of where your limits are. But gently, please – you’re under caution conditions!

Tires will cool rather quickly, so keep this in mind when going out for a new session. Know that, in general, you can continue to push a bit harder each lap as tire temperature increases.
Rush Hour Indoor Karting Endurance Leagues Tighten
Racing NewsCompetition Heats Up In Endurance League
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Nationally-Recognized Driving School coming to GPNY in Mount Kisco, NY
Facility NewsFresh Green Light to offer area teens quality driving lessons and experiential classes at Grand Prix New York in Mt. Kisco
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MB2 Raceway To Open Des Moines, IA Track
Facility NewsMB2 Raceway will open its new location serving Des Moines and the neighboring cities. Our fun track is conveniently located in Grimes next to the 35 and 80 freeways. Our location is the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy a high octane, energy pumping pure fun. Our location will also accommodate for corporate events, team building events, annual parties, product launches, business launches, staff appreciation, birthday parties, and other special events.

For more information follow their Facebook page at :
Facility NewsThe only permanent indoor and outdoor kart racing venue in the United States has just expanded their facility to include a semi-private outdoor patio aptly dubbed ‘The Brickyard’. Octane Raceway extends the spring training experience for fans with their new 5,000 square foot outdoor patio. To celebrate the new space, Octane is hosting a Spring Training Kick-Off Party in ‘The
Brickyard’ Friday, February 28 directly following the afternoon Rockies vs. Diamondbacks game.

Baseball fans can enjoy free kart racing, drink specials and take part in a Cornhole tournament with the champion winning free kart racing for one year.

“Although we’ve been in the Valley for ten years, we opened Octane Raceway in the Pavilions last July. Since this is our first spring training season at our new location, we want to make it memorable,” says Scott Sanders, president of Octane Raceway. “With 15 teams now playing in the Cactus League, there is so much energy and anticipation in the Valley each spring. We are tapping into that excitement with our Spring Training Kick-Off Party. We have many post-game activities planned – both on the racetrack and on the patio, that will top off a great afternoon at the ballpark.”

The Brickyard at Octane Raceway gives Arizona sports enthusiasts another way to enjoy the
entertainment venue. Approximately half of the extended patio is covered in pavers, allowing for casual seating that can easily be converted for an outdoor dinner party or event space for up to 50 guests. The other half of the patio is grass with redwood picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, lounge furniture and three Cornhole sets ready for action. The grass area accommodates up to 50 people and can easily be combined with the paved section of the patio for larger parties.

The patio is open to the public but can also be exclusively reserved for social or corporate events.
The patio moniker, The Brickyard, pays homage to the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Originally created in 1909 using a mixture of tar and crushed stone, the IMS racetrack surface was quickly improved using more than 3.2 million bricks throughout the two and a half mile course. As new materials became available, the track was eventually covered with asphalt although a one-yard section of brick remains at the Start/Finish line commemorating the time-tested surface.

The Brickyard Spring Training Kick-Off Party festivities take place from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday,
February 28. For baseball fans with ticket stubs from that day’s Rockies vs. Diamondbacks game, Octane is offering free racing from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Guests can also compete in a Cornhole tournament with the champion receiving one year of free kart racing. The tournament will begin at 4:30 p.m. with brackets assigned at that time. Drink specials will run throughout the party featuring two dollar domestic and import draughts. The Spring Training Kick-Off Party is open to the public.

More About Octane

Since 2003 Octane Raceway has been thrilling guests with high-speed kart racing. Travelling at up to 45 miles per hour, guests navigate through a series of straight-aways and switchbacks. The only permanent indoor and outdoor kart racing venue in the United States, Octane boasts many activities where guests can drive, dine, meet, relax and enjoy. Open 364 days a year to the general public, the venue is located in Scottsdale at the Pavilions at Talking Stick, 9119 E. Indian Bend Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85250.

For more information, please visit or call (602) 302-7223.
Rush Hour Ganer, NC Endurance League Results
Racing NewsThe cold temperatures turned into some hot racing last Tuesday night with the top three teams finishing within 13 seconds of each other after the hour long race. Also, every team turned in a fastest lap in the 29 second range! 2Wide2Pass took the victory with only one driver, a departure from the team's normal two-man formula. Will this cause strife within the team as to who is the lead driver? Well, probably not... GM Racing ran their usual two-man team setting the fastest lap of 29.060 seconds and the fastest pitstop of 39.657 seconds. Team Castrol made up for last week's kart troubles with a solid finish and Brew Crew putting down the third fastest lap of 29.349 seconds. Unfortunately for the Brew Crew, they did not complete the required three pitstops and in addition to a 15 second penalty, they will be subjected to a lashing with the proverbial wet noodle before the next race. RGP2 Racing also suffered on Tuesday night and their lap adjustment was not entered, so they did not finish in last place. Our apologies to RGP2 and for this, RGP2 will be administering the aforementioned wet noodle lashing on us!

Before Tuesday's race, the group had an excellent discussion about possible new formats for the next season of racing. We will put these ideas into a formal proposal in the next few months and get everyone's feedback before finalizing the decision.

Thanks again for a great race and we'll see you on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 for the next race.
Weather Pushes GPNY League Back A Week
Racing NewsWith the Polar Vortex claiming round two at Mt. Kisco’s Grand Prix NY, the adult racing season was pushed back a week. So instead of competing on the fabled Uptown track this evening’s round was held on the tight, technical downtown configuration.

First up this evening was the middleweight class, GTO (205lb). With only five minutes to get the karts sorted out and warmed up qualifying was left to whoever could best deal with the stone cold tires. That wound up being Andrew Wood who beat out Chris Johnson and Dave Harmon to grab pole and the bonus point. At the drop of the green Harmon caught Johnson napping and slipped into second place while Wood said sayonara and checked out to notch a 12 second win. Harmon had some brake issues that he was able to sort out and a solid motor allowed him to keep Johnson at bay to take second place. With the field inverted for the second heat, rookie Ben Mezic was on pole with Brian Maleska flanking him. In third was Jonathan Riddle and at the start Jonathan muscled his way into first followed closely by Maleska. On lap five Patrick Jamin got past Maleska which also opened the door for Cory Rossi. This is how the second heat would end, with Riddle notching his first victory of the season and Jamin and Rossi rounding out the podium.

Next up was the big boys, GTBB (245lbs). Wood wasted no time in setting the fast mark and wound up holding on for pole followed closely by Rossi. In heat one Wood was able to hold off Rossi until a bobble on lap twenty one let the wily veteran through. Rossi then marched on to another victory while Wood held on for second. Back in the pack Harmon and Gary Proft battled for third place honors and Harmon wound up with the final podium spot. In heat two Patrick Jamin started from pole with Peter Perdikogiannis next to him. The second row had Doug Winston and rookie Marc Nurnberger. At the drop of the green Jamin and Perdikogiannis took off with Winston and Antony Wildey in tow. Within a few laps Riddle had carved his way through the field and was nipping at Perdikogiannis’ heels. Back in the pack there was a huge scrum going on with two and three wide racing that allowed the head of the pack to run away. At the twenty five lap mark Winston and Lee Higgins both went f or the same spot with Winston coming out on the losing end and being stuck under the barrier. The race was red flagged and Jamin notched his first victory of the season followed by Riddle and Perdikogiannis.

The final group was GTU (175lbs). Chris Johnson grabbed pole ahead of a gaggle of Eickelbecks – in this case it was Steve for second on the grid followed by Will and Mark. At the green Johnson held his position while Will slipped under his dad to get second and that left brothers Steve and Mark to slug it out for third. They swapped positions numerous times and Steve was finally able to hold on for the final podium spot. In heat two there were a number of league rookies at the front of the grid, led by Daniel Brekus. In second was Mark Nieviarovski and row two had Xavier Delgado and Gjon Kulaj. Brekus had a great start closely followed by Nieviarovski and a hard charging Celine Zollinger. On lap three Zollinger was through into second place while back in the pack Johnson and Steve Eickelbeck were steadily working their way through traffic. By lap fifteen Steve was into second and Johnson was in third and they set their sights on Brekus. On lap twenty six they both got by Brekus and it was now a mad dash for the finish. With the checkered flag flying Johnson tried a dive bomb to hit the timing strip first, but Steve notched the victory over Johnson. Brekus held on for his first podium of the season.

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Method Man Tests His Driving Skills At Xtreme Indoor Karting Ft.Lauderdale, FL
Facility NewsMethod Man Visits Xtreme Indoor Karting Ft.Lauderdale, FL for photo click on headline
Corey Taylor Visits Pole Position Las Vegas
Facility NewsCorey Taylor (lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour) visits Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas,
for photo click on headline.
Unser Racing Denver, CO Offers Performance Driver Training
Facility NewsPerformance Driver Training

Are you an aspiring racer? A race enthusiast who wants to improve lap times? A beginner who wants to learn the basics of race craft? Our Performance Driver Training can help you improve lap times, speed, consistency, and safety to take your driving to the next level.

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