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Karting Tips, Cornering By Truman Godfrey Past U.S. Indoor Kart National Champion
Racing NewsKarting Tips In Cornering

Entering the corner at full throttle is a thrill but you want to be able to pull the kart around at its maximum speed. Here are some tips that will aid this. Entering the corner be careful not to out break yourself, if you feel that the kart may be loosing the grip it is possible to bring the kart back by using a combination of accelerator and break gentle. The idea is to correct this and get back on full throttle as soon as possible it will make the difference of being the fastest. Try to ease the kart into the bend even by just de-accelerating can help the control of the kart but you will need enter the corner on deeper line. One key point to remember is that the smoother you are the faster kart driver you'll be, turning that steering wheel as little as possible, controlling the throttle is essential, wasting valuable speed and physical energy hack sawing the steering wheel only results in slower lap time and although this might not be down to driver error it will result in the same. One advanced technique in karting that you'll see in good kart drivers is the use of weight transfer. This is achieved by pushing your weight over any one of the front wheels. The effect is that the kart will flick or step out forcing the kart to cut the Apex giving you straighter line through the bend. It must be said that this will be something that will come with karting age.

By Truman Godfrey
K1 Speed Opens Albany, NY Track
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Speed Raceway Prime Location For Corporate Groups and Parties
Facility NewsWhy Corporate Events Are Simply Better At Speed Raceway

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Andre Aggassi and Stephi Graf Hold Child's Birthday at Fast Lap
Facility NewsRecently Andre Aggassi and Stephi Graf held a Birthday Party at Fast Laps for their child,
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Karen & Eyal Farage Named 2014 Hudson County LEGENDS
Facility NewsKaren Davis-Farage and Eyal Farage, founders and owners of Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City, Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, and Farmingdale NY, will be honored as 2014 Legends by the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce.

You’re invited to share in the celebration with Karen and Eyal by joining us at the Seventh Annual Legends Ball to be held on Thursday, December 11 at Casino in the Park in Jersey City, NJ. Karen and Eyal will be inducted as members of the 2014 class of Legends, along with Gary Greenberg of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County; Gerry McGraw, of Fidelity Investments; and Provident Bank. Honorees are chosen by the Hudson County Chamber membership and leadership, for the commitment of time, talent and treasure they’ve invested in growing and developing the region over their careers.

We’re particularly thrilled to honor Karen and Eyal where they founded their first Pole Position! If you’d like to join us in celebrating their achievements, please consider purchasing tickets or placing a congratulatory ad in our Commemorative Journal. Details are on the attached reservation form.

Please feel free to call with any questions or to reserve your tickets/ads at 201-386-0699, ext 350.
JMV Stands up 2 Cancer at Fastimes Indoor Karting
Racing NewsJMV Stand Up 2 Cancer Grand Prix

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K1 Speed Expands into Northeast
Facility NewsWith over 23 locations nationwide, K1 Speed expands to the Northeast partnering with Pyramid Management Group opening centers in; Poughkeepsie Galleria, Crossgates Commons and Kingston Collection; with more in the future.

Residents of “The Queen City of the Hudson” and New York’s State Capital will now be able to enjoy the thrill of indoor kart racing. The first facility will open in Poughkeepsie mid-November – 2001 South Rd. #A101 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 – just in time for the holidays at the Poughkeepsie Galleria, the biggest mall in New York’s Hudson Valley. The second facility will open in Albany – 161 Washington Ave. Extension #205, Albany, NY 12205 – at the Crossgates Commons Shopping Plaza.

Just 30 minutes south of Boston lies Plymouth, also known as, “America’s Hometown”. K1 Speed is set for a February 2015 opening in New England – 101 Independence Mall Way, Kingston, MA 02364 – at the newly enhanced Kingston Collection, a transformation of the Independence Mall property with an all-new eclectic mix of outlets, dining and entertainment on Massachusetts’ South Shore.

The new facilities will feature all-electric, high-performance go-karts; authentic racing memorabilia, professionally designed indoor race track with new safety barriers, a Pit Café snack bar, private meeting rooms that can be reserved for birthday or bachelor parties, team building events, company holiday parties and corporate meetings.

Visitors will experience K1 Speed’s most popular program, Arrive & Drive, any day of the week without a reservation. As with the company’s other facilities, K1 Speed in New York and Massachusetts will allow individuals to race friends, family, and other competitors alike in 14-lap heats against the clock. Individuals can also experience head-to-head action with a number of race packages at their disposal. Reserve a group of 8 or more persons as K1 Speed plays host to your special event or company outing.

Racers of all ages can test their skills in K1 Speed’s Challenge GP. Participate in the race league or race package events, two qualifying heats to determine starting position before taking part in standing-start race for the checkered flag. First person to cross the line is the winner. This race format is not only for the diehard racing enthusiasts but for all kinds of levels.

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Indoor go-karting track draws aspiring racers, thrill-seekers
Facility NewsHis gaze stony and his arms locked, Luigi approached a turn.

Vroom. The engine revved. He turned the wheel and hit the brakes. Squeal. His tires drifted.

The go-kart whipped around the curve, narrowly avoiding the track’s boundaries. Then Luigi floored it again. “It’s an adrenaline rush,” he said.

Keffer Fotheringham, who calls himself Luigi, has raced every day at Grand Prix Karting since the indoor facility opened a month ago on Alum Creek Drive near I-70 and Rt. 33.

Grand Prix’s owner believes that his facility can be configured into the longest track in the country by combining its two quarter-mile tracks. It’s one of only two large indoor go-karting tracks in Ohio.

Grand Prix is the brainchild of Aaron Saez. The business owner has raced almost anything you can with wheels. Saez became involved with go-karts in his early 20s, transitioning away from motorcycles. At one point, he owned a motorcycle shop. Now, he’s heavily involved with the National Auto Sport Association and said he has wanted to open Grand Prix for 20 years.

“It’s an event center that’s focused around karting,” Saez said. “(It takes) all your skill, all your concentration, for a fixed amount of time, and it’s against the clock. It feels like real racing.”

Now, operating six days a week, Grand Prix fills a gap in central Ohio for families and friends looking for fun, and for racing enthusiasts looking to hone their skills, Saez said.

And the new business might be just the first of several.

A year and a half ago, Saez and Bill Schottenstein, a Columbus-area developer, began discussing how to make the go-karting idea work.

The 120,000 square feet that Grand Prix now occupies was initially used by a textbook manufacturer. Schottenstein said he has owned the site since then.

Saez initially wanted to build at the site of the former Cooper Stadium, where the Sports Pavilion & Automotive Research Complex is being developed by Schottenstein’s Arshot Investment Corp. But the timeline for that development didn’t mesh with Saez’s hopes of opening a track sooner.

Saez and Schottenstein discussed that, if Saez uses the Alum Creek Drive facility for Grand Prix, he could have the opportunity to open a second Grand Prix location at the SPARC facility when it’s completed.

“Part of the reason (Grand Prix) went in the (Alum Creek Drive) facility was the option for the (Cooper Stadium) site,” Schottenstein said. “We did say we would give them the opportunity, if they took” the Alum Creek Drive site.

With a single financial backer, whom Saez declined to identify, he has turned the former Alum Creek Drive warehouse into a second home for many with a need for speed.

Racers zoom around the track at the top speed of 35 mph. The lounge feels like a high-end automotive shop. Drivers say you have to feel the thrill of the track to understand this is not run-of-the-mill go-karting. It’s a gateway to auto racing.

Typical races take place on Grand Prix’s two quarter-mile tracks, with lap times averaging 35 to 40 seconds. The fastest trip around the entire track — when the two have been combined into a half-mile — has been one minute.

The cost, which starts at $5 for a daily membership plus $20 per eight-minute race, is reasonable, said Brandon Mills, a manager at Grand Prix.

“This has the potential to be intense racing versus riding in a go-kart,” Mills said.

The adult karts are modified from professional racing machines, with 9-horsepower engines. The racing area smells of gasoline and burning rubber. The sound of roaring engines echoes. Television screens show lap times with driver nicknames. As many spectators as drivers line the viewing area.

Driving a kart is tiring and intense. Riders wear helmets and routinely slam into the track’s tire walls. Most cannot go beyond three races before a break, Mills said.

“I’ll be (coming) here forever,” said Fotheringham, 20, of Grove City. Beads of sweat dripped from his face as he described how to best navigate a turn or block an oncoming racer. His favorite thing is “passing people.”

He bought a monthly unlimited pass and has raced upwards of 150 times since Grand Prix opened.

On Monday, Jim Gracely brought fellow employees of the nuclear-power industry to the track for a team-building meet-and-greet experience. Gracely, a software product developer for Curtiss-Wright Corp. in Pennsylvania, said he organized the event at Grand Prix to try something different.

His company paid for the event, with industry employees from all over the country driving karts before their Nuclear Energy Institute conference in Columbus.

“It was the first time I’d ever done this,” he said.

Gracely reviewed his lap time — he came in fifth — calling the experience “more than I expected."

Developing Grand Prix on Columbus’ South Side, where Saez grew up, is a point of pride for him. It has nearly 100 employees, full-time mechanics and event-planning workers.

And Saez wants to expand, even beyond the potential track at the SPARC facility. At the current location, plans call for a children’s track, sports bar and miniature golf course. He’s also considering building tracks in Cleveland or Pittsburgh.

“This is an experience. This is affordable,” Saez said. “It’s an introductory way to racing."

By Will Drabold The Columbus Dispatch
The Art Of Cornering By National Indoor Kart Champion Truman Godfrey
Racing NewsEven the barstool racing driver can scream down a straight at top speed but the art is in the cornering. You must learn and understand three points in the path to a corner, these will vary depending on the type of bend you are taking. At which point you decide to "Turn in" is your entrance to the corner this decision is crucial as it will determine the line you'll take through the corner. As you follow your path you will hit the "Apex" which will be of varying lengths and possibly multiple points during the bend. From here you will be eying the "Exit" path or the straightening of the turn.
Kart 2 Kart Sterling Heights, MI Enduro Race Schedule
Racing NewsEndurance races are a team event with 2-4 drivers per team competing in a 2-hour position race.

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Facility NewsPole Position Raceway to Open Its Exhilarating Indoor Kart Racing at The Marketplace Mall on October 28; New Location to Add 40 New Jobs to Local Economy

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