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Victory Lane Indoor Karting Starts Fast Friday
Facility NewsVictory Lane Indoor Karting

Coming this Aug 1st. Be there. The 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Great specials, cool cars, some live music or Special DJ's along with some fast Karting.

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Facility NewsPole Position Raceway, The Glen and Monster Energy Partner to Give Away a Pre-Race Photo Opportunity with NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch and the #54 Monster Energy Car, Racing Tickets and More
UFC Fighters John Dodson and Diego Sanchez Visit Pole Position Raceway Las Vegas
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Maryland Indoor Karting Championship - Autobahn Indoor Speedway
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Collector Car Show at MB2 Raceway - Thousand Oaks, CA
Facility NewsCollector Car Show at the MB2 parking lot on July 12th!

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Need 2 Speed Reno, NV Car Show
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Formula E Racing Series
Racing NewsA new effort dubbed Formula E comes in—a new racing circuit with new race cars burning rubber entirely on electricity and starting up this September. The goal of the new Formula E racing championship is to accelerate the adoption of electric cars that can cut down on global problems such as oil addiction, air pollution and potentially global warming. "The message is: electric cars are the solution," said Alejandro Agag, one-time Spanish politician turned Formula E CEO, at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance event in April.

The Formula-E car boasts a 15-kilogram, 300-horsepower engine powered by a lithium ion battery pack holding 30 kilowatt-hours of energy. "To get clean mobility, you need clean cars," Agag added. Plus, the car has its own unique sound to replace the roar of an internal combustion engine. "Our sound is more like the pod racing of Star Wars," Agag noted.

But current technology won’t yet permit Formula 1–style racing with the inaugural vehicle, the Spark-Renault SRT-01E. There’s no time to recharge the batteries in the middle of the hour-long race, and crash safety concerns prevent swapping battery packs like tires. So the drivers for each of the 10 teams will simply change cars mid-race. Each car can last for roughly 30 minutes on the fully charged regulation battery packs.

The first race is this September in Beijing and e-races will also grace the center city streets of Los Angeles, Miami, Monte Carlo, Berlin and London during the inaugural season, ensuring both that the electric race cars will be visible and that ordinary drivers who have to commute through the added traffic these races will bring will resent them. The hope, however, is that Formula E will drive a breakthrough in battery technology in a few years while sexing up the electric car idea. "Competition, especially with cars, is how technology has been developed," Agag argued, holding up the original “brick” cell phone. "This is only 25 years old. After 20 years, look what we've got," he continued, holding up his iPhone.

Of course, a car is a little bit more complicated than a cell phone. In the future the goal is for Formula-E cars to sport as many as four of the 300-horsepower engines, in which case they will be faster than their internal combustion counterparts in every respect. Already, electric cars are among the fastest starters off the line in the world, thanks to the instantaneous torque of electric motors. "As soon as we can get the energy to feed those four motors, electric cars will have no competitors," Agag said.

But electric cars also may not fulfill environmental ambitions in places like Beijing or Indianapolis, where most electricity comes from sooty coal. Electric cars will not solve the problem of air pollution or global warming if they exacerbate the resurgence of the dirtiest fossil fuel in place of oil—and yet Musk thinks China will be Tesla's biggest market within the next few years. Open patents or not, electric cars can fulfill Musk's dream of less polluting mobility only if the electricity to power them comes from less polluting sources. "We go out in the street and breathe in all this smoke—that smoke is worse than cigar smoke and we think it's normal," Agag said. In a few decades with the advent of clean, cheap electric cars, people might think "we were mad to just go out and breathe all this smoke from thousands of cars around us."
K1 Speed: Nuts and Bolts of Indoor Kart Racing
Facility NewsAn Interview With David and Susan Danglard
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Jacksonville, FL - Autobahn Indoor Speedway, one of the nation’s premiere indoor go-karting facilities, unveiled its second location in Jacksonville, Florida, on Monday, June 9, 2014.

Jacksonville’s newest attraction is perfect for adults and children alike, who area ready to take to the track and test their racing skills with Autobahn’s Formula One inspired indoor go-karts.
Individuals looking for the ultimate indoor go-karting experience in the Jacksonville area will have to look no further than Autobahn’s newest location. The Formula One go-karts are designed and manufactured in Italy, home to some of the best race cars in the world. The technology of the electric Italian go-karts is continuously revolutionized, making them durable, reliable, easy to handle, modern and fast. The karts are the fastest in the industry, with adult karts reaching speeds of up to 50 mph and junior karts reaching speeds of up to 25 mph.

“We are honored to be welcomed into the Jacksonville community,” said Bill Harris. Donald Wagner, General Manager of Autobahn Indoor Speedway. “We pride ourselves on being able to offer the racing fans of Jacksonville a modern facility with a unique, real race experience.”

The Jacksonville location boasts an 80,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, the largest completely indoor racing facility in Florida. Inside racers compete on two Grand Prix style tracks full of straight-aways and tight turns, allowing them to test their racing abilities. The tracks offer two completely different racing experiences, so racers may choose the package that best suits their racing needs. Corporate racing packages are available for small to large corporations looking to enhance corporate culture.

The opening of the Jacksonville Autobahn Indoor Speedway follows the success of their inaugural location in Baltimore, Maryland. In their first year of operation, the Baltimore facility serviced over 60,000 racers and hosted dozens hundreds of corporate outings for local Maryland, national and international companies.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway -Jacksonville is open to the general public seven days a week and can serve as the perfect entertainment destination for any occasion from birthday parties to a corporate events.

For more information about the Autobahn’s newest speedway visit:

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About Autobahn Indoor Speedway:
Autobahn Indoor Speedway is a premiere indoor karting center. The European style go-karting takes place in a 80,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility in Jacksonville, FL. There are two Grand Prix style tracks for two completely different racing experiences. Racers take to the tracks in unique, high speed electric Italian pro-karts. These F1 inspired karts reach speeds of up to 50 mph. The attractive, upscale facility has the latest technology and is ideal for corporate events, team building, fund raisers, and competition racing events. For more information, visit:
F1 Boston Junior Summer League: Round 3 Report
Racing News
F1 Boston Junior Summer League: Round 3 Report

The third round of F1 Boston’s Summer Junior League took place last weekend and as the season approaches the mid-point the competition is heating up. The 7-round League features 7 classes, organizing competitors according to age, size, ability and experience. Points from each driver’s top 6 rounds count towards crowning series champions; the top 6 drivers in each class also qualify for a season-ending Championship Finale. Each round includes a practice session, followed by three heats. Here’s a look at the highlights:

Ryan Hartz took bragging rights in Group 1AA with 29 points and the victory. He won the middle heat, placed second in heat #1, fourth in the final and a fast lap – Hartz takes over the lead in the season-long standings with 72 points. Jake Yazijian landed second with 26 points highlighted by winning the first heat, placing third in the final, fifth in heat #2 plus a fast lap. With 69 points, Yazijian claims second place for the season. Dimitri Berardi grabbed third place with 21 points featuring a win in the final and fifth in heat #1 plus a fast lap – he’s third for the season as well with 67 points. Christian Abbate was next with 20 points including second in the final and fourth in heat #2. With 64 points he’s fifth in the standings, just a point behind Austin Nelson for fourth place. Nelson was fifth in the round with 19 points powered by second place in the middle heat and third in heat #1.

In Group 1A Hugh North had a strong round and the victory with 30 points earned by winning the middle heat, taking second in heat #1 and third in the final. The victory puts North at 77 points in the standings and jumps him into first place. Ben Amado grabbed second with 19 points that featured a victory in the final – he’s second for the season with 70 points. Dimitry Gentile and Cole Shaefer landed in a third-place tie at 14 points. Gentile’s round featured a second place result in the final plus a fast lap and Shaefer won the first heat and scored a fast lap. With 63 points Gentile is tied with Logan Kress for third in the standings; Shaefer is fifth with 57. Kress was tied with William Gunn at 13 to round out the top five – Kress placed third in heat #1 and fifth in the final, while Gunn’s performance included a second place result in heat #2 plus a fast lap in his first round of the season.

Thomas Biggs landed on top Group 1B for the second time this season earning 28 points with a win in the first and final heats and fifth in heat #2. Biggs regains first place in the standings with 84 points. James Tringale grabbed second with 23 points highlighted by winning the middle heat and placing fifth in heat #1 plus two fast laps – with 48 points he’s fifth in the standings. Jack George took third with 22 points powered by placing second in heat #1 and third in the middle run plus a fast lap. George has 79 points for the season, just five points off the lead. Quinn Yardley was next with 20 points by taking second in the final and fourth in heat #1, he’s third in the standings with 75 points. Nolan Prince was fifth with 17 points featuring third place finishes in the first and final heats. Kyle Cipullo (8 points in the round)is fourth in the season-long points chase with 59.

There was a 28-point tie at the top in 2A between John Webster and Ethan Kmiecik; each competing in their first round of the season. Each driver won two heats, placed third in another and earned two fast laps. Cody Dowler grabbed third place by taking second in his first and final, third in heat #2 and a fast lap – with 66 points he’s second for the season, trailing leader Sebastian Correa by a single point. Hunter Johnson was next with 21 points powered by winning his final after placing third in and fourth in the first two heats, respectively. Correa was fifth with 20 points after placing second in his first and final, fifth in his middle heat. Joe Melo (10 points) is third for the season with 40 points; Dillan McCullough (14 points) is fourth with 39 and Aiden Jennette rounds out the top five with 38 points.

In Group 2B, Mia Ignoto made it three straight victories – this time earning 27 points powered by winning her first two heats, placing fourth in her final while collecting two fast lap bonus points – off to a fast start, Ignoto is in first place at 87 with a 27-point cushion. Casey Jordan grabbed second by winning his first heat, taking second in the final and fourth in heat #2 plus two fast laps to earn 25 points. Henry Prussman was third with 20 points as he got faster with each heat – fifth in heat #1, third in heat #2, then winning his final. With 47 points Prussman is fifth in the standings. Benjamin Dias and Alexa Gilbert each earned 17 points in a fourth place tie. Dias was second in his first heat, fourth and fifth in the others respectively, while Gilbert’s round included second place in her final and third in heat #2. Masson Tessier (15 points) is second in the standings with 60 points; Bridget Duffy (16 points) is third with 56; and William Hopkins (18 points) fourth with 50 points.

Group 3A’s Giorgio Giglio took top honors with 24 points earned by winning the first heat, placing fourth in heat #2 and second in the final plus a fast lap – with 74 points he remains atop the leader board. Adrian Michael was a point back at 23 and got faster in each leg of the round – winning the final, after placing fifth and second in the first heats, respectively. Michael has 66 points for season – just 8 points off the lead. Joe LoCiero was third with 20 points highlighted by winning heat #2 and landing fourth in the others – he’s third in the standings with 65 points. Sean Kelly was next with 19 points after taking second in heat #1, third in heat #2 and fifth in the final plus a fast lap – with 46 points he’s fifth in the standings. Bradley McCafferty was fifth with 13 points highlighted by taking third in the final. McCafferty is fourth for the season at 52.

Xander Correa claimed victory for the third consecutive round in 3B by winning the first and final heats, placing fifth in heat #2 to compile 24 points – he leads in the standings with 88 points and a 25-point cushion. Cooper Peigh was next with 23 points after winning heat #2, grabbing second in the final and fifth in heat #1 plus a fast lap – with 63 points, he is also second for the season. Christian Chiusolo was third with 21 points including a second place result in heat #1, third in the middle run and fourth in the final plus two fast laps. With 47 points, Chiusolo is also third in the season-long points chase. Jon Hanlon was next with 20 points earned by taking second in heat #2 and third in the others – he’s fourth for the season with 35 points. Jaden Iantosca rounded out the racing with 14 points in his first round of the season.

Junior League competitors may enter as many rounds as desired – drivers competing for the season championships must attend at least 6 rounds. Standings can be found at The League is open to all drivers with F1 Boston Junior Competition License that have completed an F1 Boston Junior Novice Racing Academy or Camp.

Located in Braintree, MA, F1 Boston is New England’s premier high performance kart racing venue for corporate events and social functions, with a 106,000 square foot facility, featuring two indoor European-style kart tracks. All events are race-ready; with racing suits, helmets and karts provided. F1 Boston provides a wide array of race-themed meetings, trade shows, incentive events, social events, rewards programs, summer outings, team building, recruiting, and holiday events.

For more information, visit
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